Monday, April 27, 2015

Out of the BOX

Decided to do something out of the ordinary and completely insane for my personality. I prefer to touch things and try them on before I take them home. But I have found more often than not lately that I HATE being in the store trying on clothes that I don't seem to like on me as soon as I get home. I keep thinking "what possessed me to buy that?" only to respond "must have been the lighting." UGH!

So, because a very classy lady I know has done this with success, I figured now was as good a time as any to jump on the "I hate going shopping" bandwagon and hit the STITCH FIX league. So, here's how it went:

First off, the box came Saturday and I was a little too excited. I suppose here would be the time that I mention that I didn't exactly fill my hubby in on the fact that I decided to join the box shopping group. :) Surprise! Oh, and it wasn't actually supposed to show up until Monday. :) Happy surprise!

Got the box, didn't have time to try the stuff on right away. So it was o'dark thirty by the time I got to open the box and dig inside. And of course, I couldn't take pictures with only two of the four bulbs in the light actually working. So, I had to wait, and wait, and wait. But I finally was able to get my budding photographer to snap some pics (he's only 8 years old and has never been allowed to touch Mommy's new camera) gotta give him props on his debut.

Stitch Fix #1
The Mendolan Pintuck Detailed Jersey Tank by Collective Concepts
 - So this top is cute, perfect length (for what I like), and love the color. But alas it is dry clean only. I don't think I'll be paying for the top at over $50 plus the dry cleaning. :( so sad, because it was really cute

Adorra Skinny Jean by Just Black
 - Nice fit. They are actually Navy, and very cute. The are petite, so I didn't feel like I had a mile of pants wrapped at my ankles - which is so very annoying when you are just a little to tall for most petite pants but still way too short for average. Still debating on keeping due to the price being twice what I would normally spend. 


Alannis Crochet Strap Top by 19 Cooper
- This thing is cute and comfortable, but I feel even wider in it than I would like. The top is actually wide, and a little too big for my personal taste. My hubby and oldest daughter think it is cute. I think it is too big and I feel like I have more than just an extra 10 pounds to lose. :( And dry clean only. 
Is it just me, or do I look wider in this?

Palo Collared Blouse by Staccato
 - Ummm...not my favorite. I think the color is pretty, but not sure it looks great on me. And it felt a little tight in the chest and not as loose as I would like around the middle (those lovely extra 10 pounds I aforementioned). Did I mention it is sheer? I don't really care for sheer. It's hand-wash, which is okay but not ideal.

Kolla Mixed Material Cardigan by Olive & Oak
 - Nope. Not liking. The cabling of the cardigan sleeves was a cute design. It did feel a little big, but it was comfortable. I don't mind the cream color, but normally stay away from the lighter cardigans (I spill things often). Oh, and guess what?! The back is sheer. Why? I have NO idea. Hubby said, "Maybe it's for people who sit all day." In a chair? Or maybe their arms get cold but their back is blazing hot? Yeah, not this chica! Another hand-wash piece.

I still haven't decided on the pants. Keep or return? 

Overall, while I am bummed that I didn't score a whole box-load of new clothes, I thought the process was pretty cool. I have to do the "Check Out" process tomorrow, after I finally decide on the pants. But I've already got tons of feedback/ideas for my next fix. I may have to schedule it a little sooner than a month from now. :) 

The thought of having a total stranger shop for me is still a little weird. But the alternative is me going out shopping and doing a "bang-up" job picking clothes that don't look great, I don't really like, or that I hardly wear. So we'll try this again soon, and who knows. I'm optimistic (which is saying A LOT for this realist).