Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where'd it all go?

Somehow, somewhere, I have misplaced August (and the later half of July for that matter). Just the other day, I was sitting in Arizona by the pool just before my grandmother's memorial service. It was beautiful...yes, the service, and yes, the pool, and yes, Arizona. We had a wonderful visit with family, a great tan (gotta love that Arizona sun in July), and a decent trip home. That was July 21st that we arrived home, people. And here we are on August 31st, about to close off another month of 2010...a year I am not sure exactly how we arrived at anyway. It seems like just the other day when we were trying to determine what the plan was for our Bertschinger family Christmas.

So...here I sit on this very last day of August, before we head into the start of another school season, and I am completely mystified on how exactly the time went so fast. We had a wonderful summer, don't get me wrong. We have lots of fun memories, and the credit card and photos to prove most of it. :)

We celebrated 10 years...10 years? Yep, 10 years of marriage this August. Beautiful anniversary. Lots of good, and not so good, memories over 10 years. Hard times, and really good times...and everything in between. Can't believe we made it this long, and can't believe it's really been 10 years. Where did the time go?

But why is time moving so fast? Kayla headed back home to Montana on August 8th (just the other day) and she already called last week to report on how her first day of school went. FOR REAL??? Already? Man...time went by fast.

Tonight, I head to my old junior high/my oldest child's middle school for the last time for a few years as Caitlyn gets "oriented" to her 8th grade year. Super freaky! 8th grade already. Where'd the time go?

Tomorrow Tyler (3rd grade) and Sheyann (2nd grade) will get to meet their teachers, and my little man Ethyn will meet his preschool teacher on Thursday. Unbelieveable!

They are growing up so fast, and as they grow the time just goes by faster for us. Soon there will be another driver, another teenager, another grade schooler in our house. Soon. But for now, I'm blessed to have a little more time with each of them. For it will not be too long before they are gone and the nest is completely empty, and it's just me and him...and the grandkids will come. :)