Wednesday, July 7, 2010

At the Gates

I've always wondered what exactly the site is you see moments after your eyelids close for the last time on this world and open on the 'everafter.' Do you see the people around your body as you passed, or bright light, clouds, maybe flames if you're headed the other direction? Do you 'wake up' and all the frailties of your old body are gone and you are a perfect age (maybe sometime before gravity set in and stuff got all saggy and wrinkly)? Do you face the gate of heaven with new eyes, so you don't mistake Jesus for Uncle John? And all those people standing around you to welcome you in, some you've never met, will you recognize them...will you know who they are in their new body? Do you stand before the ALMIGHTY immediately, or after you've hugged and rejoiced with Jesus?

My grandmother left the earthly world this morning, to be welcomed at the gates by her creator. I wonder if she stood in awe of Him, if she fell at His feet and praised Him, if the woman who loved to tell stories and visit with people had a single word to say. I wonder if she stood and gazed upon the face of her Abba, and cried...tears of joy, tears of thankfulness, tears of love, tears of praise. I wonder if He scooped His daughter into His arms and comforted her as only a Father can.

My grandmother, Donamae, knew the Lord. I grew up around her, unlike all of my cousins, but do not recall her ever verbalizing her faith until a trip just 2 1/2 months ago. Not knowing she would soon be dying of cancer, our conversation headed toward faith (helps that I am so involved in our church and work there too). She told me the different religions she had practiced, stuff I never knew. We didn't talk long, but she didn't want to really go deep. She told me she had her God, and that was enough for her. I was sad, because I didn't know what it meant or how to get more out of her. After returning home, and her hospitalization and cancer diagnosis, I was advised to write to her and share Christ. God gave me the words that opened a conversation for my mother to have with her. And we found out she was saved. While I didn't get to hear her testimony ever, my only regret with her sudden illness and death, I know where she is right now and where I will see her again...
at the Gates.

Monday, July 5, 2010

It's about time

It has only taken me over a year, from the time that I created this darn blog, to get the background and layout kind of set up the way I like it and write my very first post. that I have been fiddling with it for hours, my battery is about to die, and my frustration level is high enough for me to toss the stupid computer out the window, I only have my most common catch phrase to say....

Oh, for Pete's sake!!!