Thursday, October 16, 2014

Up for HOURS

It's really early in the morning (about the time a dear friend is getting ready to work out) and I am staring at the coffee maker debating on whether or not to just give up and "start" the day. I've been awake since 1am. It's now after 5am. This stinks!

This not sleeping well, getting up for a couple hours in the middle of the night is a new recent addition to my daily life. Not a welcome addition. More like that annoying, gross and somewhat rude anti-friend who mooches that you may or may not have had in high school or college. You know, the one that knocks on the door and you pretend you aren't home. So you lay in bed for an hour "pretending" (hoping, praying) you will fall back asleep soon.

Since that didn't happen, decided to get up and get some stuff done. A few things I have realized in the past few hours:

1. I am not very productive on only 4 hours of sleep.
2. Every noise (ones commonly made at all hours of the DAY) seem amplified by 100 at 3am.
3. Lights are very bright, and dark hallways are very dark right after working on the bright computer.
4. There is a little boy that likes to sleep on the couch, and he breathes very noisily. 
5. There is a not so little man in my bed that breathes even louder at 2am, and tends to flop around.
6. I am tired. 
7. Other people in my house prefer to sleep at 5am. :)

Well, now that I have made coffee, and am sitting in the dark kitchen with my big cup of joe..I guess I'll just get some stuff done. I apologize in advance to anyone who may receive any type of message from me today.